Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2nd post in the fence that incircles my life.

So that first post was extremely vague, as I wanted it to be, so I thought that I should clear a few things up with this one.
For instance, What the crap does that mean this blog is for?
Answer: Just the same as everyone Else's blog, to say whats going on, what your working on, what you have done lately, things that happened that mean nothing but are amusing at the moment.
So this is where I first say what I have been up to, in brief headline like synopses.
  • Began writing again some while back, a trilogy with a short side story, and two standalone novels are in the works.
  • Rehabilitating my knee from getting hit by the devil, aka yellow cab taxi.
  • working full time
  • school full time
  • designing and producing some jewelry when the time allows me to dabble.
  • hunting, camping, hiking, mtn biking all being planned for as soon as my Dr. will let me do more on the knee.

So there will be some progress posts on any number of things from this list and some that I couldn't think of this late at night in the future.

thanks for your interest.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Intro to the study of Karl Wilson

Thank you for deciding to take this course, I can tell you now that at times it can be extremely slow and possibly even boring. As the subject and professor I will do my best to keep things interesting and involving somehow.
with this being made so late at night and with little thought to it, this is all i might be posting for some time. not sure as to what the material will be here but you can be sure that i will be stretching my boundaries in telling of my events and attempts of life's quandaries.