Monday, May 11, 2009

book in progress.

after finally getting to the reviewing process of what i have written so far i the series that i am writing, i have found and flayed out the final plan for how i would like the book to go. from here on i will be putting all My time and energy that i am not putting into staying alive, into this book. hoping that in the future it will be the means by witch i satay alive...
so there will be little activity here or elsewhere for me in the future till this is completed. i have set a timeline out for its completion. if i follow it to the T" then i should be submitting it to publishers my the time that i am twenty four years old. with the the ultimate goal in mind of having two books published by the time i am twenty five. the first in a series and a single novel.
in a way this post is the signing off to the world as i confine my self to the work i am dedicated to doing. till one of the mile markers are reached, farewell class.

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