Wednesday, May 6, 2009


This post is dedicated to those awesome little fruit snacks from treetop, I love those things.
About three weeks ago I got hit by a taxi and messed up my knee a little. that let me have tons of time to think about life and do a lot of writing that i haven't been getting around to doing.
this is just a post saying that despite the current stresses that none of you know much about, I thing I have decided on a course of action.
I the action that is to be taken is this, use all available time in the writing.
plod along as best I can while putting all my energy into the books that I have been slowly working on over the last year or so. there has been little else that I have been able to accomplish while trying overly hard and spreading myself way to thin over all the projects in the works right now.
So what does this mean? it means that I am not worrying about what I cant control in life and making sure that I do all with what I have full control over.
parts of the changes in plans have been limited due to the injury that i incurred. though in time i plan on having changed my life and future. i will try my best not to alienate my friends and family in the process as best i am able. but i have resolved that my focus is on my capabilities and not fixing my foolish frailties.
this may be the last post for some time, or not who really knows....
little of this may make sense to even me in the future, so don't read in to it to much if you have run across this blog.

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